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Oval Emerald & Diamonds Ring
Sale price€499,00
Vintage Diamond Balloon ring
Sale price€970,00
Diamond & Pearl Duo Ring
Sale price€749,00
Bold Belt Ring
Sale price€1.499,00
Venetian Sapphire Row Ring
Sale price€1.049,00
Emerald & Diamond Flower Ring
Sale price€525,00
Emerald Trilogy Ring
Sale price€1.299,00
Bold Onyx Flower Signet
Sale price€1.099,00
Jasseron Bracelet
Sale price€499,00
Royal Sapphire Trio Ring
Sale price€749,00
Emerald & Diamond Lady Di Ring
Sale price€810,00
Emerald Row Ring
Sale price€499,00
Sapphire & Diamond Lady Di Ring
Sale price€810,00
Sapphire Row Ring
Sale price€499,00
Elegant Boxy Lady Di Ring
Sale price€490,00
Deep Sapphire Trio Ring
Sale price€749,00
Squared Lady Di Ring
Sale price€449,00
Sapphire Earring
Sale price€79,00
Wide Golden Hoops
Sale price€348,00
Sapphire Spark Earring
Sale price€79,00
Bold Curb Bracelet
Sale price€299,00
Bold Rainbow Earring
Sale price€135,00
Soft Rainbow Earring
Sale price€115,00
Sapphire Oval Ring
Sale price€649,00
Peridot Oval Ring
Sale price€349,00
Topaz Oval Ring
Sale price€329,00
Evil Eye Stud Earring
Sale price€109,00
Double Diamond Arche Ring
Sale price€2.550,00
Big Vintage Flower Ring
Sale price€799,00
Bold Peridot & Diamond Cluster
Sale price€549,00
Vintage Emerald & Diamond Cluster
Sale price€439,00
Vintage Emerald Lady Di
Sale price€499,00
Vintage Smokey Quartz Row
Sale price€399,00
Unique Vintage Diamond Ring
Sale price€399,00
Vintage Special Cluster Ring
Sale price€445,00
Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Ring
Sale price€499,00
Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Row
Sale price€599,00
Vintage classy Topaz Ring
Sale price€399,00
Vintage Topaz and Diamond Ring
Sale price€499,00
Topaz and Diamond Row Ring
Sale price€540,00
Oro Diamond Row
Sale price€599,00
Vintage Whistle Charm
Sale price€69,00
Hand of Cards Charm
Sale price€99,00
Unlock Your Heart Charm
Sale price€99,00
Vintage Unique Love Charm
Sale price€119,00
Vintage Clover Charm
Sale price€99,00
Taurus Zodiac Pendant
Sale price€249,00

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