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18k Vintage Letter Charms
Sale price€99,00
Wrap Diamond Snake Ring
Sale price€649,00
Vintage Pisces Pendant
Sale price€279,00
Vintage T-Bar Pendant
Sale price€149,00
18k Bold Crescent Moon Pendant
Sale price€599,00
Vintage Bold Figaro Bracelet
Sale price€399,00
Angular Pearl Beauty Ring
Sale price€379,00
Soft Sapphire Diamond Ring
Sale price€499,00
Emerald & Diamond Gypsy Ring
Sale price€489,00
Amethyst Art Deco Beauty
Sale price€489,00
Vintage Ball Pendant
Sale price€349,00
Vintage Aquarian Pendant
Sale price€225,00
Green Amethyst & Diamonds Ring
Sale price€835,00
Citrine Ring
Sale price€479,00
Mirror Coin Pendant
Sale price€339,00
Silver Spark Hoops
Sale price€59,00
Emerald & Diamonds 1920's Ring
Sale price€499,00
Tanzanite Leaf Ring
Sale price€475,00
Small Wide Diamond Cluster Ring
Sale price€449,00
Diamond Roset Ring
Sale price€415,00
Diamond Cluster Ring
Sale price€455,00
Royal Sapphire And Diamond Ring
Sale price€599,00
Chunky Diamond Vintage Ring
Sale price€885,00
Solid Gold Coffee Bean Necklace
Sale price€1.350,00
Small Starsign Pendants
Sale price€95,00
Dreamy Ocean Opal Ring
Sale price€499,00
Tanzanite Sparkle Ring
Sale price€449,00
Sapphire and Diamond Eye Ring
Sale price€459,00
Unique Diamond Wrap Ring
Sale price€459,00
Vintage Golden Ball Pendant XL
Sale price€449,00
Vintage Capricorn Medallion
Sale price€349,00
Turquoise Atomic Pendant
Sale price€349,00
Vintage Gemini Pendant
Sale price€350,00
Pisces Sun Pendant | 14k gold
Sale price€249,00
Cut-Out Square Diamond Ring
Sale price€250,00
Cross Etched Hoops
Sale price€279,00
Letter 'N' Pendant
Sale price€149,00
Trio Disc Earrings
Sale price€359,00
Classic Hoops Medium
Sale price€335,00
Classic Hoops Small
Sale price€259,00
Octagon Hoops
Sale price€199,00
Slim Hoops Large
Sale price€229,00
Slim Hoops Medium
Sale price€169,00
Slim Hoops Small
Sale price€129,00
Starry Vintage Locket
Sale price€439,00
Diamond Ear Huggie
Sale price€234,50
Victorian Engraved Oval Locket
Sale price€599,00
18k Vintage Diamond Ring
Sale price€799,00

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