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Valentine's day



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Heart Pendant Medium14k Gold
Sale price€119,00
Heart Pendant Large14k Gold
Sale price€219,00
Classic Chain Bracelet14k Gold
Sale price€359,00
Love Charm14k Gold
Sale price€79,95
Long Elegant Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€229,00
Gourmet Chain Necklace 50cm9k
Sale price€239,00
Curb Bracelet14k Gold
Sale price€349,00
Tiny Heart Charm14k Gold
Sale price€69,95
Oro Ball Bracelet14k Gold
Sale price€199,00
Gold Bead on Satin Bracelet14k Gold
Sale priceFrom €59,95
Heart Hoops14k Gold
Sale priceFrom €165,00
Gold Heart Necklace14k Gold
Sale price€239,00
Big Heart Earrings14k Gold
Sale price€499,00
Vintage Hoops with Hearts9k
Sale price€765,00
Bold Golden Trio Ring14k Gold
Sale price€1.199,00
Onyx Heart Stud14k Gold
Sale priceFrom €92,50
GiftcardOro Jewels
Sale priceFrom €50,00
Paperclip Bracelet14k Gold
Sale price€349,00
Slim Hoops Small14k Gold
Sale price€159,00
Slim Balloon Ring14k Gold
Sale price€329,00
Diamond Huggie14k Gold
Sale priceFrom €329,00
Sapphire Row Earrings14k Gold
Sale priceFrom €239,00
Letter Charm14k Gold
Sale price€79,95
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Heart Pendant Small Gouden hart hangers
Heart Pendant Small14k Gold
Sale price€95,95