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Baby Bracelet9k
Sale price€139,00
Gourmet Chain Necklace 42/45cm9k
Sale priceFrom €199,00
Gourmet Chain Necklace 50cm9k
Sale price€239,00
Oro Signet Large9k
Sale price€449,00
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Oro Signet Medium Oro Signet Medium
Oro Signet Medium9k
Sale price€249,00
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Vintage blauwe saffier diamant ring Vintage Diamonds and Blue Sapphire Ring
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Vintage bold emerald ring Bold Emerald Ring
Vintage Bold Emerald Ring9k
Sale price€599,00
Vintage Double Circle Earrings9k
Sale price€499,00
Vintage Earring Pendants9k
Sale price€229,00
Vintage Hoops with Ball Charm9k
Sale price€459,00
Vintage Hoops with Hearts9k
Sale price€765,00
Vintage Leaves of Sapphire Ring9k
Sale price€199,00
Vintage Lolite & Diamond Ring9k
Sale price€399,00
Vintage Magical Diamond Ring9k
Sale price€759,00
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Vintage organische ring diamant Vintage Cut-Out Diamond Ring
Vintage Square Lady Di Ring9k
Sale price€639,00
Vintage Star Earrings9k
Sale price€699,00