We believe recycling vintage treasures is not only fun but also a sustainable way to conserve beauty.

Lotte, Anne-Fleur and Myrthe; we are sisters, a by-product from the love between a down to earth Dutchy and a tropical Caribbean. Together with our super cool brother, we grew up in a tiny village building tree huts, blaring kinderen voor kinderen and many Disney movies. Besides French cheese, we love nature, design and finding vintage treasures.

After spending all our lifes together, we know each other pretty well. So, we will introduce each other to you.


Lotte, Lot or Lotti, the oldest and definitely the wisest of them all. Everyone will feel safe and secure when this super doctor (anaesthesiologist) is around. She is down to earth, always honest and pure, plus the hardest worker we know. Her love for vintage jewellery started when she received a golden treasure of our great-grandmother.

Anne-Fleur, AF of Affie, together with our bro the sandwich kid of the four. She merges her love design and business by running a high-end sustainable handbag label: 'SÓUN, Honest Luxury'. She's a true free spirit, an entrepreneurial girl boss who likes to take some risks and has a very, very warm heart. Her love for jewellery was always there. Young affie was making her own jewellery before she could walk.

 Myrthe, Myrrie or Mert, the youngest of the Fab4. Always the happy kid. This energetic beauty is studying medicine and will work her ass off to achieve any goal. 'If there is no way, create one' she would say. She is a social butterfly and she gets happy by helping others. Her love for jewellery started pretty young, she was always playing with the jewellery in our mom's and grandmother's jewellery box.