The meanings of the most well-known gemstones

The meanings of the most well-known gemstones

Diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst... Well-known and popular gemstones, each with its own appearance and meaning. Discover the meaning of various gemstones and their symbolism in this article.

What is a gemstone?

A gemstone is a stone composed of one or more minerals. These stones are formed in nature through natural processes. Some gemstones are millions of years old. Due to their beautiful colors, shapes, and sparkles, gemstones are widely used in jewelry. The different gemstones have their own symbolism and meaning.


One of the most well-known gemstones is the diamond. It is also the hardest mineral we know. The unique hardness and clarity make the diamond the queen of gemstones. By cutting a diamond, it gets beautiful color shades and sparkles through the facets and light.

Diamonds are the most valuable gemstones. This white, transparant gemstone stands for commitment, eternity, and indestructibility. It is not without reason that this gemstone is often used in engagement and wedding rings, like in our Solitaire on Diamonds Ring. Diamond jewelry is both elegant and extremely timeless, making it suitable to pass down from generation to generation as an heirloom.


A sapphire usually has a blue color, ranging from light to deep, dark blue. Sapphire can also have another color, such as orange, yellow or pink. However, the blue sapphire is the most popular. Blue sapphires have a royal appearance. This is also reflected in the classic Lady Di Ring, which is still very popular to this day and always remains timeless.

In addition to aesthetic beauty and rich color, sapphires are also a symbol of strength. The meaning of this blue gemstone is that it represents true (self-)love, purity, and loyalty. It is also the birthstone for the month of September.


Another popular gemstone is emerald. Emerald is a variant of the mineral beryl and has a vibrant, green color. Emerald has been popular for centuries and has various meanings. For example, the green gemstone symbolizes enjoying life, unconditional love, and a sense of unity. A jewel with an emerald is a beautiful gift to your loved ones or friends. Think, for example, of our Bright Emerald Trio Ring or a Birthstone Charm with emerald.


Ruby is a rare gemstone and belongs to the family of corundum. The gemstone has a beautiful red color, ranging from light to dark red and sometimes even more towards pink. Ruby symbolizes love, courage, and power of life. Ruby is also the birthstone for the month of July.


Amethyst often has a purple color. It is a popular gemstone that is often clear and transparent. In addition to violet-colored amethysts, there are also amethysts with other colors, such as light green, used in our Amethyst Flower Ring.

The amethyst gemstone stands for harmony and inner peace. According to the spiritual meaning, amethyst has a purifying, protective effect. Together with rose quartz and rock crystal, amethyst forms the golden triangle. When these three stones are brought together, their effect is believed to be strengthening and provide more energy. This trinity represents the connection of body, mind, and soul.


Just like emerald, aquamarine belongs to the family of the mineral beryl. As the name implies, this gemstone has the color of sea water. Aquamarine symbolizes the calm strength of the ocean. The gemstone, therefore, stands for tranquility and relaxation.


Citrine is a quartz crystal with a warm tint ranging from soft yellow to honey brown. Citrine is known for positive properties such as promoting positivity, joy, and prosperity. Jewelry with citrine is therefore seen as bringers of luck for the wearer. For example, the Citrine & Diamonds Beauty Ring has a clear, amber-colored citrine surrounded by sparkling diamonds.

What is the difference between precious and semi-precious stones?

There is a distinction between precious and semi-precious stones. The difference lies mainly in hardness, rarity, and color intensity, which subsequently affect the value of the gemstones. Precious stones include diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. These are the hardest and most highly prized. Other gemstones are referred to as semi-precious stones; they usually have softer tones, such as citrine, aquamarine, and amethyst. Semi-precious stones are also widely used in jewelry because their colors provide a unique appeal and, for relatively larger stones, a more accessible price.

Which gemstone suits me?

When choosing a specific gemstone, we advise you to look at the color that suits you and your style. You can also look at the meaning of the gemstone and whether these properties appeal to you. For example, choose the gemstone that corresponds to your birth month.

Do you need help finding a jewel with a gemstone? Or do you have a question about a specific gemstone? We are happy to give you advice, online or in our showroom.