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Trio Line Warrior Ring14k Gold
Sale price€149,00
Vintage Signet Ring14k Gold
Sale price€545,00
Jade Coin Ring14k Gold
Sale price€349,00
Antique Citrine Ring18k Gold
Sale price€299,00
Sapphire & Diamond Flower Ring9k
Sale price€449,00
Chunky Vintage Bangle14k Gold
Sale price€1.999,00
Vintage Wide Huggies9k
Sale price€299,00
Vintage Bold Fish Charm9k
Sale price€149,00
Bold Spinel Ring18k Gold
Sale price€579,00
Unique Ball Charm18k Gold
Sale price€222,00
Angular Spinel Ring14k Gold
Sale price€399,00
Golden Pearl Pendant14k Gold
Sale price€119,00
Vintage Boot Pendant14k Gold
Sale price€99,00
Braid Ring18k Gold
Sale price€499,00
Sapphire Marquise Ring18k Gold
Sale price€599,00
Spinel and Diamond Ring14k Gold
Sale price€339,00
Unique Spinel Bracelet14k Gold
Sale price€1.799,00
Classy Diamond Pearl Ring14k Gold
Sale price€549,00
Vintage Pearl Shell Ring14k Gold
Sale price€259,00
Royal Amethyst Ring18k Gold
Sale price€349,00
Emerald Double Moon Band14k Gold
Sale price€339,00
Vintage Sapphire Bracelet18k Gold
Sale price€329,00
Vintage Crown Ring14k Gold
Sale price€449,00
Bulky Heart Charm18k Gold
Sale price€296,00
Owl Charm18k Gold
Sale price€139,00
Maya Charm18k Gold
Sale price€469,00
Flower Pearl Pendant14k Gold
Sale price€229,00
Diamond Band14k Gold
Sale price€349,00
Vintage Diamond Ring14k Gold
Sale price€349,00
Gold Bulb Vintage Ring18k Gold
Sale price€679,00
Hoops With Rope Detail18k Gold
Sale price€399,00
Anchor Pendant18k Gold
Sale price€149,00
V-Shaped Fantasy Ring14k Gold
Sale price€199,00
Dragonfly Pendant18k Gold
Sale price€149,00
Vintage Fish Charm14k Gold
Sale price€299,00
Sodalite Ring14k Gold
Sale price€329,00
Bamboo Hoops18k Gold
Sale price€849,00
Gold Bouquet with Diamond18k Gold
Sale price€1.499,00
Double Panther Bracelet14k Gold
Sale price€2.999,00
Coin Ring18k Gold
Sale price€1.599,00
Blooming Emerald Ring18k Gold
Sale price€699,00

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