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Gourmet Chain Necklace 42/45cm
Sale priceFrom €199,00
Gourmet Chain Him & Her 50cm
Sale price€220,00
Gourmet Boyfriend Necklace 60cm
Sale price€299,00
Pearl Necklace
Sale price€89,00
Classic Pearl Chain
Sale price€449,00
Tiny Choker Chain
Sale priceFrom €199,00
Gemstone Confetti Necklace
Sale price€529,00
Paperclip Necklace 42cm
Sale price€599,00
Bold Chain Necklace
Sale price€999,00
Solid Gold Jasseron Necklace
Sale price€1.599,00
Solid Gold Coffee Bean Necklace
Sale price€1.350,00
Plated Coffee Bean Necklace
Sale price€199,00
Birthstone Necklace
Sale priceFrom €349,00
Bold Gourmet Chain Necklace 50 cm
Sale price€469,00
Bold Gourmet Chain Necklace 60cm
Sale price€499,00
Vintage Twisted Necklace
Sale price€799,00
Angular Paperclip Necklace 45cm
Sale price€579,00
Angular Paperclip Necklace 60cm
Sale price€749,00
Angular Paperclip Necklace 80 cm
Sale price€899,00
Anchor Chain Statement Necklace
Sale price€289,00
Bold Gourmet Necklace
Sale price€120,00
Flat Chunky Chain Necklace
Sale price€159,00
Oro Jewellery Box
Sale price€75,00

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