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Chunky Hoops Small
Sale price€169,00
Long Elegant Hoops
Sale price€219,00
Waterfall Statement Earrings
Sale price€179,00
Chunky Hoops Medium
Sale price€229,00
Diamond Ear Huggie
Sale price€234,50
Classy Spark Earrings
Sale price€89,00
Duo Earrings
Sale price€299,00
Slim Hoops Medium
Sale price€169,00
Silver Spark Hoops
Sale price€59,00
Classic Hoops Small
Sale price€259,00
Octagon Hoops
Sale price€199,00
Vintage Turquoise Hoops
Sale price€139,00
Slim Hoops Small
Sale price€129,00
Chunky Hoops Extra Large
Sale price€399,00
Chunky Hoops Large
Sale price€339,00
Long waterfall earrings
Sale price€109,00
Slim Hoops Large
Sale price€229,00
Trio Disc Earrings
Sale price€359,00
Classic Hoops Medium
Sale price€335,00
Diamond ear studs
Sale price€125,00
Perfect Hoops with rope detail
Sale price€249,00
White gold Diamond Row Ring
Sale price€179,00
Perfect vintage hoops
Sale price€215,00
Vintage Shell Studs
Sale price€269,00
Evil Eye Stud Earring
Sale price€109,00
Wide Golden Hoops
Sale price€348,00
Sapphire Spark Earring
Sale price€79,00
Sapphire Earring
Sale price€79,00
Classy Bright Row Earrings
Sale price€89,00
Soft Rainbow Earring
Sale price€115,00
Bold Rainbow Earring
Sale price€135,00
Classy Vintage Hoops
Sale price€445,00
Vintage Golden Dot Hoops
Sale price€235,00
Vintage Diamond Heart Earrings
Sale price€499,00
Sapphire & Diamond Huggies
Sale price€250,00
Vintage Sapphire Hoops
Sale price€399,00
Hammered Vintage Hoops
Sale price€329,00
Cross Etched Hoops
Sale price€279,00
Classic Hoops Large
Sale price€399,00
Big Floral Earrings
Sale price€899,00

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