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Chunky Hoops Small14k Gold
Sale price€169,00
Chunky Hoops Medium14k Gold
Sale price€229,00
Chunky Hoops Large14k Gold
Sale price€339,00
Diamond Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€629,00
Slim Hoops Small14k Gold
Sale price€159,00
Slim Hoops Medium14k Gold
Sale price€209,00
Slim Hoops Large14k Gold
Sale price€239,00
Long Elegant Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€229,00
Hoops With Rope Detail18k Gold
Sale price€399,00
Big Carved Hoops9k
Sale price€399,00
Vintage Hoops With Ball Charm9k
Sale price€699,00
Twisted Hoops with Blue Detail9k
Sale price€329,00
Hoops With Heart Attachments9k
Sale price€699,00
Vintage Angular Hoops9k
Sale price€275,00
Vintage Unique Flat Hoops9k
Sale price€399,00
Vintage Double Circle Earrings9k
Sale price€699,00
Vintage Star Earrings9k
Sale price€769,00
Classic Hoops Small14k Gold
Sale price€259,00
Classic Hoops Medium14k Gold
Sale price€335,00
Classic Hoops Large14k Gold
Sale price€399,00
Octagon Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€199,00
The Perfect Vintage Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€315,00
Vintage Shell Studs14k Gold
Sale price€269,00
Long waterfall earringsSilver 925
Sale price€119,00
Bold Rainbow Hoop14k Gold
Sale price€135,00
Soft Rainbow Earring14k Gold
Sale price€115,00
Silver Spark HoopsSilver 925
Sale price€59,00
Chunky Hoops Extra Large14k Gold
Sale price€399,00
Chunky Ear Cuff14k Gold
Sale price€149,00
Diamond Ear Huggie14k Gold
Sale price€234,50
Duo Earrings14k Gold
Sale price€299,00
Vintage Wide Huggies9k
Sale price€299,00
Big Floral Earrings14k Gold
Sale price€899,00
Classy Spark EarringsSilver 925
Sale price€89,00
Oro Jewellery BoxOro Jewels
Sale price€75,00
Chubby Tube Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€399,00
Chubby Golden Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€348,00
Trio Disc Earrings14k Gold
Sale price€249,00
Emerald Earring Charm14k Gold
Sale price€105,00
Sapphire Earring Charm14k Gold
Sale price€119,00