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Chunky Hoops Small14k Gold
Sale price€179,00
Chubby Golden Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€348,00
Chunky Ear Cuff14k Gold
Sale price€149,00
Hoops with Baroque Pearl Pendant14k Gold
Sale priceFrom €278,00
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Vintage statement earrings crystal Vintage Crystal Statement Earrings
Diamond Huggie14k Gold
Sale priceFrom €329,00
Long Waterfall Earrings925 Silver
Sale price€119,00
Double Diamond Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€1.199,00
Long Elegant Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€229,00
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Vintage statement oorbellen ruit Vintage Diamond Shape Crystal Earrings
Chunky Hoops Medium14k Gold
Sale price€229,00
Classic Hoops Small14k Gold
Sale price€289,00
Soft Rainbow Earring14k Gold
Sale priceFrom €115,00
Classy Spark Earrings925 Silver
Sale price€89,95
Vintage Star Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€499,00
Slim Hoops Large14k Gold
Sale price€239,00
Classic Hoops Medium14k Gold
Sale price€369,00
Oro Jewellery BoxOro Jewels
Sale price€74,95
Chubby Tube Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€399,00
Slim Hoops Small14k Gold
Sale price€159,00
Bold Rainbow Earring14k Gold
Sale priceFrom €135,00
Diamond Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€719,00
Classic Hoops Large14k Gold
Sale price€449,00
Octagon Hoops14k Gold
Sale priceFrom €99,00
Unique Multi Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€479,00
Heart Hoops14k Gold
Sale priceFrom €165,00
Slim Hoops Medium14k Gold
Sale price€209,00
Twisted Oro Hoops Small14k Gold
Sale price€259,00
Sapphire Earring Charm14k Gold
Sale price€119,00
Silver Chubby Hoops925 Silver
Sale price€79,95
Protective Eye Stud14k Gold
Sale priceFrom €89,00
Chunky Hoops Large14k Gold
Sale price€399,00
Diamond Studs14k Gold
Sale price€319,00
Emerald Earring Charm14k Gold
Sale price€105,00
Big Floral Earrings14k Gold
Sale price€999,00
Vintage Spinel Earrings14k Gold
Sale price€264,00
Twisted Oro Hoops Large14k Gold
Sale price€349,00