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Chubby Golden Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€348,00
Slim Balloon Ring14k Gold
Sale price€329,00
Silver Bold Hoops925 Silver
Sale price€79,95
Silver Collar Necklace925 Silver
Sale priceFrom €129,00
Vintage Structured Bangle14k Gold
Sale price€949,00
Tourmaline Lady Di Ring14k Gold
Sale price€669,00
Oro Link Bracelet14k Gold
Sale price€449,00
Bar Bracelet14k Gold
Sale price€339,00
Golden Trio Ring14k Gold
Sale price€280,00
Oro Alphabet Letter14k Gold
Sale price€199,00
Slim Cobra Necklace14k Gold
Sale price€949,00
Slim Cobra Bracelet14k Gold
Sale price€479,00
Double Diamond Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€1.199,00
Drop Bracelet14k Gold
Sale price€319,00
Oval Plate Necklace14k Gold
Sale price€329,00
Tiny Birthstone Charm14k Gold
Sale priceFrom €65,00
Oro Contour Ring14k Gold
Sale price€219,00
Silver Chubby Hoops925 Silver
Sale price€69,95
Fantasy Link Bracelet14k Gold
Sale price€599,00
Love Charm14k Gold
Sale priceFrom €79,95
Bar Necklace14k Gold
Sale price€229,00
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Vintage ring met roze saffier en diamanten Vintage Diamonds and Pink Sapphire Ring
Silver Hoops Small925 Silver
Sale price€39,95
Silver Hoops Medium925 Silver
Sale price€45,95
Paperclip Bracelet14k Gold
Sale price€339,00
Vintage Leaves of Sapphire Ring9k
Sale price€199,00
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Vintage parel duo ring Vintage double pearl ring
Vintage Pearl Duo Ring14k Gold
Sale price€349,00
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Vintage elegant blue sapphire ring Vintage Blue Sapphire Ring
Boyfriend Bracelet14k Gold
Sale price€189,00
Silver Bangle925 Silver
Sale price€149,00
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Vintage Slim Hoops Vintage Gouden Hoops
Vintage Slim Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€125,00
Paperclip Necklace 45cm14k Gold
Sale price€599,00
Vintage Classic Hoops14k Gold
Sale price€235,00
Oro Link Necklace14k Gold
Sale price€899,00
Baroque Pearl Pendant14k Gold
Sale price€99,00