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Brown Diamond Wishbone RingBrown Diamond Wishbone Ring
Brown Diamond Wishbone Ring
Sale price€595,00
Small Wide Diamond Cluster RingSmall Wide Diamond Cluster Ring
Small Wide Diamond Cluster Ring
Sale price€449,00
Tanzanite Leaf RingTanzanite Leaf Ring
Tanzanite Leaf Ring
Sale price€475,00
Sapphire & Diamond Stacking BandSapphire & Diamond Stacking Band
Sold out
Amethyst Oval RingAmethyst Oval Ring
Amethyst Oval Ring
Sale price€399,00
Emerald & Diamonds 1920's RingEmerald & Diamonds 1920's Ring
Emerald & Diamonds 1920's Ring
Sale price€499,00
Sapphire & Diamonds Cluster BeautySapphire & Diamonds Cluster Beauty
Delicate Oval Citrine RingDelicate Oval Citrine Ring
Delicate Oval Citrine Ring
Sale price€320,00
Silver Spark HoopsSilver Spark Hoops
Silver Spark Hoops
Sale price€59,00
Sold out
Morganite Marquise Vintage RingMorganite Marquise Vintage Ring
Morganite Marquise Vintage Ring
Sale price€299,00
Vintage Sparkling Diamond BandVintage Sparkling Diamond Band
Vintage Sparkling Diamond Band
Sale price€520,00
Ornate Sapphire Vintage RingOrnate Sapphire Vintage Ring
Ornate Sapphire Vintage Ring
Sale price€299,00
Big Diamond Cluster RingBig Diamond Cluster Ring
Big Diamond Cluster Ring
Sale price€820,00
Bold Art Deco RingBold Art Deco Ring
Bold Art Deco Ring
Sale price€699,00
Citrine Drop RingCitrine Drop Ring
Citrine Drop Ring
Sale price€435,00
Diamond Cluster RingDiamond Cluster Ring
Diamond Cluster Ring
Sale price€455,00
Diamond Roset RingDiamond Roset Ring
Diamond Roset Ring
Sale price€415,00
Opal And Diamonds RingOpal And Diamonds Ring
Opal And Diamonds Ring
Sale price€499,00
Peridot And Diamonds RingPeridot And Diamonds Ring
Peridot And Diamonds Ring
Sale price€535,00
Royal Emerald & Diamond RowRoyal Emerald & Diamond Row
Royal Emerald & Diamond Row
Sale price€699,00
Royal Sapphire And Diamond RingRoyal Sapphire And Diamond Ring
Royal Sapphire And Diamond Ring
Sale price€599,00
Vintage Apatite & Diamond FlowerVintage Apatite & Diamond Flower
Vintage Lady Di RingVintage Lady Di Ring
Vintage Lady Di Ring
Sale price€555,00
Flower Lady DiFlower Lady Di
Flower Lady Di
Sale price€399,00
Chunky Diamond Vintage RingChunky Diamond Vintage Ring
Chunky Diamond Vintage Ring
Sale price€885,00
Vintage Chunky NecklaceVintage Chunky Necklace
Vintage Chunky Necklace
Sale price€899,00
Sold out
Vintage Libra PendantVintage Libra Pendant
Vintage Libra Pendant
Sale price€189,00
Vintage Sun LocketVintage Sun Locket
Vintage Sun Locket
Sale price€159,00
Solid Gold Coffee Bean NecklaceSolid Gold Coffee Bean Necklace
Solid Gold Coffee Bean Necklace
Sale price€1.350,00
Solid Gold Coffee Bean BraceletSolid Gold Coffee Bean Bracelet
Solid Gold Coffee Bean Bracelet
Sale price€650,00
Long Golden HoopsLong Golden Hoops
Long Golden Hoops
Sale price€229,00
Cute Diamond Flower RingCute Diamond Flower Ring
Cute Diamond Flower Ring
Sale price€229,00
Decorative Smoky Quartz RingDecorative Smoky Quartz Ring
Decorative Smoky Quartz Ring
Sale price€389,00
Dreamy Ocean Opal RingDreamy Ocean Opal Ring
Dreamy Ocean Opal Ring
Sale price€499,00
Fiery Garnet and Opal RingFiery Garnet and Opal Ring
Fiery Garnet and Opal Ring
Sale price€489,00
Small Aries PendantSmall Aries Pendant
Small Aries Pendant
Sale priceFrom €95,00
Tanzanite Sparkle RingTanzanite Sparkle Ring
Tanzanite Sparkle Ring
Sale price€449,00
Thin Vintage Diamond BandThin Vintage Diamond Band
Thin Vintage Diamond Band
Sale price€300,00
Tiny Flower Diamond RingTiny Flower Diamond Ring
Tiny Flower Diamond Ring
Sale price€529,00
Tiny Sapphire & Diamond Flower RingTiny Sapphire & Diamond Flower Ring
Edwardian Sapphire and Diamonds BeautyEdwardian Sapphire and Diamonds Beauty
Vintage Tanzanite and Diamond RingVintage Tanzanite and Diamond Ring
Sold out
Baguette Sapphire and Diamonds RingBaguette Sapphire and Diamonds Ring
Opal Heart and Tanzanite RingOpal Heart and Tanzanite Ring
Opal Heart and Tanzanite Ring
Sale price€499,00
Pale Sapphire and Diamonds RingPale Sapphire and Diamonds Ring
Pale Sapphire and Diamonds Ring
Sale price€499,00
Pink Art Deco Cut Topaz RingPink Art Deco Cut Topaz Ring
Pink Art Deco Cut Topaz Ring
Sale price€469,00
Round and Classy Lady Di RingRound and Classy Lady Di Ring
Round and Classy Lady Di Ring
Sale price€449,00
Sapphire and Diamond Eye RingSapphire and Diamond Eye Ring
Sapphire and Diamond Eye Ring
Sale price€459,00
Citrine and Diamonds Vintage RingCitrine and Diamonds Vintage Ring
Medium Wide Diamond Cluster RingMedium Wide Diamond Cluster Ring

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