375, 585, 750: what is karat?

375, 585, 750: what is karat?

9 karat, 14 karat, 18 karat, 22 karat, 24 karat. You've probably come across these numbers before, but what do they mean? These numbers indicate the percentage of pure gold processed in the alloy of a jewel. The karat content, also indicated by the letter k, is a crucial factor in determining the value of a gold jewel. The higher the karat, the more gold a gold jewel contains, making it more valuable.

What is the highest karat gold?

To make a gold jewel sturdy, pure gold is mixed with other metal types, creating an alloy of different metals. Karat represents the percentage of gold in the alloy. The purest gold is 24 karats. A 14-karat ring contains 14/24th part gold, or 58.5%, hence receiving the stamp 585. The same applies to a 9-karat jewel, stamped as 375, and an 18-karat gold ring stamped as 750. These gold stamps serve as verification of the authenticity of a gold jewel. At Oro Jewels, all our jewels are equipped with a gold stamp approved by a hallmarking institution.

The amount of copper, silver, and other metals mixed with gold affects the final color of the jewelry. This variation in alloys creates jewels with warmer or cooler tones. The color of a gold jewel is also influenced by geographical preference. For example, in India and Indonesia, there is often a preference for gold jewelry with a deep yellow tint, while in Europe, a softer yellow gold tint is favored.

Which karat gold is the best, and what do we sell?

In the Netherlands, 14k gold is the most common. 14-karat gold is more durable and robust than 18k, 22k, and 24k gold. At Oro Jewels, we offer different karat contents. For instance, we have a selection of vintage rings from England, where 9k is more common, but we also frequently come across beautiful jewels of 14 or 18k gold for our Vintage collection.

Our Oro Classics collection mainly consists of 14-karat gold jewels, known for their good price-to-quality ratio.

What does 14-karat gold cost?

The price of a gold jewel depends on more factors than just the karat content, including:

  • The weight of a gold jewel; a solid 14-karat gold jewel can be more expensive than an 18-karat jewel that is hollow.

  • The design and making costs; a 14-karat gold jewel can be more expensive than an 18-karat gold jewel if the design is more intricate. For example, the Intertwine Ring in 14k gold is costlier than the 18k gold Emerald Solitaire Diamond Ring.

  • The gold price; it fluctuates continuously. The gold value changes every day, affecting the price of a gold jewel. The cost of one gram of 14 or 18-karat gold depends on global demand and supply. It's important to note that the gold price, over history, has generally risen, making the purchase of gold jewelry a valuable investment. There's a good chance that your gold jewelry will be worth more over time.

How does carat work for diamonds?

Although they differ by just one letter, "carat" and "karat" have different meanings. Carat is the standard measure for the weight of diamonds and other gemstones, while karat for gold content is indicated as Karat.

For diamonds, carat refers to the size of the stone, with the weight of the diamond expressed in carats. To simplify, just as 1 euro is divided into 100 cents, one carat is divided into 100 points. Thus, a diamond of 50 points is 0.50 carats, and a diamond of 75 points is 0.75 carats. 1 carat of 100 points equals 0.2 grams, universally.

However, two diamonds of the same weight can differ in value based on color, clarity, and cut.

What does a jewel with a diamond cost at Oro Jewels?

There are two ways to mine diamonds: you can extract diamonds from nature or create them in a laboratory. In the laboratory, the same conditions as nature are artificially recreated, ensuring the chemical composition of a natural diamond and a lab-grown diamond is the same. The beauty of a natural diamond is that it can be over a billion years old, making mining a natural diamond a special process. Many diamonds in our Vintage collection are natural diamonds.

In our Oro Classics collection we sometimes use lab-grown diamonds, like in our Diamond Signet RingDiamond Union Ring and Tennis Bracelet; a 14k gold bracelet set with diamonds. These diamonds are more sustainable, as significantly less CO₂ is emitted compared to natural diamond mining. The laboratory process is also more transparent, allowing us to guarantee that these diamonds are ethically created.

Besides being an ethical and sustainable choice, lab-grown diamonds are about 30% less expensive than natural diamonds, making them more accessible without compromising on quality.

If you have more questions about karat or carat, gold content, or finding a gold jewel, feel free to contact us; we're happy to help!