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Foxtail RingFoxtail Ring
Foxtail Ring
Sale price€195,00
Golden Trio RingGolden Trio Ring
Golden Trio Ring
Sale price€280,00
Sold out
Fabulous Four RingFabulous Four Ring
Fabulous Four Ring
Sale price€229,00
Citrine & Diamonds Beauty RingCitrine & Diamonds Beauty Ring
Citrine & Diamonds Beauty Ring
Sale price€799,00
Balloon RingBalloon Ring
Balloon Ring
Sale price€550,00
Signify Jasmine RingSignify Jasmine Ring
Signify Jasmine Ring
Sale price€299,00
Tourmaline Baguette RingTourmaline Baguette Ring
Tourmaline Baguette Ring
Sale price€229,00
Chain RingChain Ring
Chain Ring
Sale price€199,00
Tiny Citrine RingTiny Citrine Ring
Tiny Citrine Ring
Sale price€199,00
Sold out
Union RingUnion Ring
Union Ring
Sale price€375,00
Flow RingFlow Ring
Flow Ring
Sale price€349,00
Intertwine RingIntertwine Ring
Intertwine Ring
Sale price€849,00
Bamboo Diamonds RingBamboo Diamonds Ring
Bamboo Diamonds Ring
Sale price€249,00
Sold out
Morganite Marquise Vintage RingMorganite Marquise Vintage Ring
Morganite Marquise Vintage Ring
Sale price€299,00
Sold out
Amethyst Oval RingAmethyst Oval Ring
Amethyst Oval Ring
Sale price€399,00
Sold out
Baguette Sapphire and Diamonds RingBaguette Sapphire and Diamonds Ring
Pink Art Deco Cut Topaz RingPink Art Deco Cut Topaz Ring
Pink Art Deco Cut Topaz Ring
Sale price€469,00
Sold out
Vintage Square Kunzite RingVintage Square Kunzite Ring
Vintage Square Kunzite Ring
Sale price€375,00
Bold Love RingBold Love Ring
Bold Love Ring
Sale price€299,00
Vintage Purple Cocktail RingVintage Purple Cocktail Ring
Vintage Purple Cocktail Ring
Sale price€349,00
Bamboo Black Diamonds RingBamboo Black Diamonds Ring
Bamboo Black Diamonds Ring
Sale price€249,00
Vintage Lady Di RingVintage Lady Di Ring
Vintage Lady Di Ring
Sale price€555,00
Vintage Apatite & Diamond FlowerVintage Apatite & Diamond Flower
Royal Sapphire And Diamond RingRoyal Sapphire And Diamond Ring
Royal Sapphire And Diamond Ring
Sale price€599,00
Royal Emerald & Diamond RowRoyal Emerald & Diamond Row
Royal Emerald & Diamond Row
Sale price€699,00
Peridot And Diamonds RingPeridot And Diamonds Ring
Peridot And Diamonds Ring
Sale price€535,00
Opal And Diamonds RingOpal And Diamonds Ring
Opal And Diamonds Ring
Sale price€499,00
Flower Lady DiFlower Lady Di
Flower Lady Di
Sale price€399,00
Diamond Roset RingDiamond Roset Ring
Diamond Roset Ring
Sale price€415,00
Diamond Cluster RingDiamond Cluster Ring
Diamond Cluster Ring
Sale price€455,00
Citrine Drop RingCitrine Drop Ring
Citrine Drop Ring
Sale price€435,00
Bold Art Deco RingBold Art Deco Ring
Bold Art Deco Ring
Sale price€699,00
Big Diamond Cluster RingBig Diamond Cluster Ring
Big Diamond Cluster Ring
Sale price€820,00
Ornate Sapphire Vintage RingOrnate Sapphire Vintage Ring
Ornate Sapphire Vintage Ring
Sale price€299,00
Vintage Sparkling Diamond BandVintage Sparkling Diamond Band
Vintage Sparkling Diamond Band
Sale price€520,00
Delicate Oval Citrine RingDelicate Oval Citrine Ring
Delicate Oval Citrine Ring
Sale price€320,00
Sapphire & Diamonds Cluster BeautySapphire & Diamonds Cluster Beauty
Emerald & Diamonds 1920's RingEmerald & Diamonds 1920's Ring
Emerald & Diamonds 1920's Ring
Sale price€499,00
Sapphire & Diamond Stacking BandSapphire & Diamond Stacking Band
Tanzanite Leaf RingTanzanite Leaf Ring
Tanzanite Leaf Ring
Sale price€475,00
Small Wide Diamond Cluster RingSmall Wide Diamond Cluster Ring
Small Wide Diamond Cluster Ring
Sale price€449,00
Brown Diamond Wishbone RingBrown Diamond Wishbone Ring
Brown Diamond Wishbone Ring
Sale price€595,00
Chunky Diamond Vintage RingChunky Diamond Vintage Ring
Chunky Diamond Vintage Ring
Sale price€885,00
Vintage Tanzanite and Diamond RingVintage Tanzanite and Diamond Ring
Edwardian Sapphire and Diamonds BeautyEdwardian Sapphire and Diamonds Beauty
Tiny Sapphire & Diamond Flower RingTiny Sapphire & Diamond Flower Ring
Tiny Flower Diamond RingTiny Flower Diamond Ring
Tiny Flower Diamond Ring
Sale price€529,00
Thin Vintage Diamond BandThin Vintage Diamond Band
Thin Vintage Diamond Band
Sale price€300,00
Tanzanite Sparkle RingTanzanite Sparkle Ring
Tanzanite Sparkle Ring
Sale price€449,00
Fiery Garnet and Opal RingFiery Garnet and Opal Ring
Fiery Garnet and Opal Ring
Sale price€489,00

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